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If you don\’t see a bouncing ball here, your browser is not displaying Flash content.

I made this ball, and made it bounce across the screen. Hardest part? Balancing the rotation value with the horizontal position at the end of the bounces, so the ball looks like it’s rolling, not sliding. It involved a lot of back and forth, trial and error. The handy thing about animation is that your eye will immediately tell you if something is wrong!

Animation lesson of the day

This screen shot shows all the frames of this animation at once. You will notice:

In animation, the illusion of speed is created with greater spacing.

Things that bounce always slow down when they are approaching the peak, about to descend.

Gravity squashes things upon impact, and an equal and opposite reaction makes them stretch vertically immediately following. The volume of the object never changes, however. Exaggerating the squash and stretch makes things look more ‘cartooney.’

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