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For Research & Technical Writing class, I wrote a paper about vocational graphic design schools and how they do not adequately serve the upcoming generation of graphic designers.

For the record, I attend just such a school. I don’t wish I were elsewhere, but I would love to see some things change.

Read the paper

3 Responses to “Freeing the Undergraduate Graphic Design Student”

  1.  Mom Says:

    Amen to this! Hope you got an A – you really brought clarity to the fuzzy and skeptical thoughts in my head about AI – very stimulating!!

  2.  Sheri Says:

    I am so with you here! I have been thinking along these lines myself since the 1st quarter. I chose to get my web design degree at AI because it offers the equivalent of a certificate in graphic design along with it. It was the only local school that does that; however, I feel the need for more in the way of arts. I am wondering if I can get it in my Masters program. Great writeup!

  3.  Dad Says:

    I LOVE this paper!! (Finally got around to reading it!)