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As our final project in Publication Design, we each chose a social issue to be the topic of a 28-page magazine. I went with globalization, choosing stories that I feel give respect to the internationally responsible worldview I want to promote.

None of writing is mine, but all of the illustrations are. And of course I designed it — made all the choices about the type, page numbers, table of contents, etc. etc. I recommend reading the whole thing! But in the event that you’re short on time, check out at least the editor’s letter, reproduced below.

Over the past two decades, a popular article on world demographics has circulated that begins, “if the world was a village of 100 people…”

Author Donella Meadows brought new dimension to dry statistics, startling many. But more and more are finding her interpretation to be a reflection of the way they already think: the world certainly is their village, and every culture is like a person with a distinct personality.

Satellite is written for those of you who think of the entire world as your own. But unlike the exploitative empires of old, you regard international affairs with curiosity that trumps timidity, compassion sans guilt, and insight that cuts through perplexity. Here, we celebrate your bird’s-eye view and aim to stimulate your open minds with things you might not know about your village.

A word about the graphics: we chose Satellite’s look and feel to suggest the spacious outlook of a mind free from nationalistic attitudes and artificial boundaries. If you are like us, you have been inundated with travel photography, much of which has become cliché and reinforces unhelpful generalizations. Satellite hopes its simple line drawings will inform in a way that allows room for readers’ individual perceptions of the nations and issues being discussed. Your own experiences are what give meaning to this publication, and we probably don’t have photographs of those.

Welcome to Satellite: What’s new with us. We invite you to engage with your world in a fresh way as you travel our pages.

Rachel Leigh
Editor & Creative Director

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