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Having lived in the US as an adult for three years now, I have noticed the huge difference between the way I feel and the way many other people seem to feel about interacting with foreign call centers. I think it’s exciting to talk with someone who has an accent and learned my language to be able to help me with a problem. I tend to feel less threatened than I might otherwise. And yet I hear so much from others about how frustrating and unamerican it is to outsource these services.  I decided to research American perspectives on international business service outsourcing and see if I could cut through the divisiveness and learn anything. I did!

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I also made a little visual aid. Now that I’m in an Illustration class, I would completely redo this by hand. But cheap and dirty got the point across at the time. I perceive that some Americans seem to view the rest of the world as an economic black hole — anything we send out is lost forever. I propose that we recognize a sowing and reaping principle at work. The more that nations freely give, the more there will be to harvest.

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