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Design Production Team Layout, as the name suggests, is a class about almost everything… but it’s most distinctive feature is the Team element. The work you’re about to see would not have been possible without my teammates, Jeremy Steiner, Cayce Cunningham, and Tasha Bannon.

Our class was fortunate to get to work on a real-life project. Our school wants to design an area on campus that will promote the schoool-sponsored housing program. As prospective students are given tours of the school, the admissions staff would be able to use this space to talk about the benefits of housing.

The area the school envisions for this exhibit of sorts is currently two blank walls at one end of an oft-frequented corridor. We took the measurements of these walls, and divided into to teams. There were four teams competing to create a design that the school administrators will want to make a reality.

From the beginning, our team was interested in pursuing a ‘bird’s eye view’ concept, featuring a huge map of the area surrounding campus. We figured it could be extremely useful both to prospective and current students (and parents!) to see what all was within walking distance of campus.

We continued the bird’s eye view theme with a blueprint style graphic of the apartment layout, again a useful tool for planning ahead. The avian theme also grew to encompass a string-and-nails installation reminiscent of a nest, and symbolic of the valuable relational and professional network that students can weave in the student housing program.

One week, we took a field trip to a local graphics and signage company to see how much our ideas might cost to build, and to get professional insight about different materials and processes. We later supplied them with technical drawings in order to get rough quotes.

The final deliverables to our client were a scale model of our space and a book that explains our plan and concept. We also made an oral presentation. Their decision has yet to be made.

I have learned how much I really like designing as part of a team. I always feel that the outcome is stronger, even though there are differences to be overcome. This project is evidence of a lot of overcoming!

We humbly endorse the free file-sharing site, ge.tt. It served us well, as did Facebook’s ability to create private groups. Between these two platforms, we had no trouble communicating and swapping our files back and forth.

Here are the major iterations of our design, in backwards chronological order. You can follow how certain ideas were born and evolved, and how others met a quiet demise over the course of eleven weeks.

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