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Dad didn’t exactly know he was signing up for this when he crossed the Atlantic to be with me this month! But an extremely willing subject he was, and I’m glad my Photography class final was no more difficult than this. We did almost get run over by someone on our cul-de-sac while taking it, though!

The assignment was to choose a painting and try to reproduce it in a photograph, paying special attention to the lighting. I certainly am proud to have contributed to the worldwide excess of American Gothic reproductions.

setting up the shot.

Seven photos stitched together

I seem to have a thing for garden photography. Or maybe plants just make for non-threatening subjects!

Assignment: shoot a panorama with no more than seven photos. Align by hand, or use Photoshop’s Automatic Photomerge tool. Well, as you can see above – Photoshop is pretty much magic.

The subject is the Garden of Faith right outside of Bread of Life ministries in Avon, IN.

This week’s photography assignment was to find a location and capture its mood. I went out to the end of my neighborhood without much forethought and snapped away, hoping to evoke a warm, mysterious, inviting feeling.
If I succeeded, it was pretty accidental! Out of all the pictures I took, only these two (and the leaf close-up especially) captured the mood well.

This was our first photography assignment, based on the Zone system by Ansel Adams (which, by the way, I don’t understand in all of its complexity).
I took a picture of my closet because it was the closest thing around with lots of shades!

… I’m going to get through this photography class! Thanks, guys!!

Here is my first true attempt at feeling like a photographer. None of these feel quite perfect, but I’m learning for sure! The theme should be rather obvious. The point of the assignment was to employ a different shot/angle combination for each one.

Team Line-up

Team Line-up | medium shot, dutch angle


Africa Calls

Africa Calls | medium shot, eye-level


Silent Practice

Silent Practice | close-up, high angle



Interrogator | full shot, high angle


Forgotten Agents

Forgotten Agents | establishing shot, high angle